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How to sell an accident car

Tuesday 7 May 2019, 3:12PM
By Atlas Auto Ltd

The excruciating sound of metal against metal. The bone-jarring impact that knocks you senseless for a moment. In an instant, everything around you has changed. You’ve been in an accident with your car. First things first, and you check yourself and anyone else involved for injuries.

Once that’s taken care you move onto your car, that now has some parts rearranged like puzzle. With the damage like it is, is the car drivable? More importantly, is it safe to drive your damaged car?

Is My Car Safe to Drive After an Accident?

If your car has been involved in a collision, it’s common to ask, “Can I drive my car after an accident?” That’s a decision that has to be made on a case-by-case basis because every accident is different.

The impact angle in the accident changes which parts are damaged. The difference between a front end collision and a rear end collision is dramatic. The same force of impact can mean your car is not drivable in a frontal accident, while from the rear your car may be badly damaged but operational. It’s a call you’ll have to make, but we have some tips to help you make that decision.

How to Tell If Your Car is Damaged After Accident

1. Fluid Leaking
Can you still pop the hood? Take a look at all your fluid levels and check underneath your car for puddles. If you have engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, gasoline, or any other fluid running from your car, don’t take a chance on driving it. Is the car drivable? Maybe. But fluids leaking can mean a danger of an engine fire or that extensive mechanical damage will result down the road. It’s best not to take the chance.

2. Lights Broken
From basically any angle, a car collision will smash at least a couple lights. Does that mean the car is undrivable? Possibly. If both headlights are smashed or both brake lights have been destroyed and don’t light up, you probably shouldn’t take to the road with your damaged car. If you have at least one headlight and one taillight working, you could probably take the chance on a short trip – preferably straight home or to the repair shop.

3. Pulls Hard When Driving
If you try driving your smashed car and it’s hard to control because it’s pulling to one side, stop driving it. That’s an indication there is either a steering or suspension part that’s broken or bent, and you’re putting everyone on the road in danger by driving your car still.

4. Windows Broken
You could drive a car with a broken side window or rear windshield. It’s going to be breezy and uncomfortable, but it’s doable. But if the windshield is cracked or broken, don’t do it! Your car is not drivable with a windshield that is not intact. It’s a structural part that not only protects you from bugs and debris while you drive, but it supports the roof in a collision or rollover. Your car’s safety is compromised.

5. Airbags Deployed
“How safe is my car with the airbags deployed?” It should be a no-brainer. If your airbags have deployed, it’s a layer of protection that no longer exists. Don’t keep driving. Plus, the loose, hanging airbag from the steering wheel is guaranteed to get in your way when you turn.

6. Tires Flat or Rims Damaged
In the accident, did you pop a tire or bend a rim? While it’s tempting to put the spare tire on and keep driving, you should get it checked out first. That kind of significant impact could mean there’s more damage hidden that could be a serious safety concern.

How to Sell A Car After An Accident
Look, it’s up to you. If you’ve been in an accident and want to chance driving your crashed car, it’s your decision to make. However, if you get in another accident with the same vehicle, your safety could be compromised and your insurance provider could come after you with a liability suit. Looking for another option than to keep driving your totalled car? Check out Atlas Auto. We buy cars in any condition – flooded cars, cars with mechanical issues, rusty vehicles, high-mileage cars, and even cars that have been in an accident.

All you need to do is request an online offer at the Atlas Auto website. You’ll receive a quote for your less-than-perfect ca, also there’s no obligation. If the offer looks good to you, just accept it and you’ll be paid cash on the spot. We’ll tow-away vehicle for free and no hidden fees.

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