The Downstream Effects Management Plan for the Christchurch Northern Corridor – An Update

Monday 20 May 2019, 2:25PM
By RedPR


The Papanui Innes and Linwood Central Heathcote Community Boards took part in a workshop with City Council officers yesterday morning (15 May 2019) around the Downstream Effects Management Plan (DEMP) for the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC). 
26 submissions were heard last week by board members, from residents involved in the recent consultation on the DEMP.
The engagement with the community on the draft DEMP took place from the 11 March to 15 April and attracted 227 submissions. There were four drop-in sessions attended by around 60 people; the evening sessions saw more attendees than the day sessions however attendance was still good during the day. All groups and individuals who took part in the "pre-engagement" phase with the community, were emailed the draft report and engagement information, as well as 6350 properties receiving information to their mailboxes and 1880 absentee landowners being posted information.
An analysis of the 227 submissions shows 165 were from local residents, 29 from people elsewhere in Christchurch, 15 from city-wide groups, seven from local groups, five from New Zealand-wide residents and six from 'unknown' locations. 

Strongly supported themes included concerns about increased pollution, noise and vibration and the impact the DEMP would have on a sense of community. There was also strong support for non-car transport including a desire to see improvements to public transport, more bus lanes and traffic calming, as well as slower speeds (30km) in the community. In a further breakdown of the submission themes, 20 supported rail of some kind, 14 supported a reduction in the amount of free parking in the central business district (CBD) and seven were in favour of a 'toll' at the city boundary. 
The DEMP will be considered by the joint Community Boards on 31 May and by the Council on Thursday 13 June and all submitters have been sent letters informing them of this information.