Take a Scenic Flight Over Taupo With INFLITE Charters' Totally Taupo Combo

Thursday 23 May 2019, 7:18PM
By Beckie Wright

Great Lake Taupo is located in the heart of the North Island, but how often do you stop at Taupo to gas up, grab something to eat, or even break your trip on your way to somewhere else, without actually seeing what a fabulous place it is? Well, INFLITE Charters are going to change all that so you can find out more about Taupo. What could be better than escaping the everyday with an INFLITE Experience?

They suggest you treat yourself and a special someone to a breathtaking flight over iconic Taupo sights, and get the adrenalin pumping with their Totally Taupo Combo, or take the ultimate flight over the Tongariro Crossing with an exclusive Alpine landing in the Kaimanawa Forest Park.

Here you can indulge yourself in the rich culture, adventure and luxury offered by iconic Taupo. Taupo isn't called New Zealand's ultimate playground for no reason - this lakeside city packs a punch. INFLITE Experiences can transport you in comfort and style to everything that Taupo and the Central North Island has to offer.

For those with an adventurous side, they can get up close and personal with the contemporary Maori Rock Carvings, experiencing a breathtaking panoramic view of Taupo and its famous lake, landing among ancient trees in the Kaimanawa Forest Park. You will then visit Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings, or as we Kiwis like to call it, Mount Ngauruhoe.

If you want a chic movie star experience, you can fly over Taupo's best spots, followed by a five-star lunch, or indulge yourself in a scenic 1.5 hour lake cruise, followed by a thrilling flight. Taupo has a lot to offer, from pure indulgence to heart-racing adventure. Simply pick your journey and let us handle the rest, and for more information on Mt Cook ski planes, ski plane flights and scenic flights Taupo  please go to .