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Frank Film Congratulates Dame Sue Bagshaw

Monday 3 June 2019, 11:14AM
By RedPR


The team at Christchurch based Frank Film sends their congratulations to Dr Sue Bagshaw this morning following the news of her Queen’s Birthday honour.

Sue and her husband, Dr Philip Bagshaw, were profiled in the recent Frank Film Changing South series which features current affairs from the South, in pithy, concise 4-6 minutes videos.

Frank Film’s, Gerard Smyth, says he and his team are thrilled for both Bagshaw’s who share in each other’s successes.

“They are an exceptional couple and we know our viewers feel the same, from the feedback we have had on the The Brilliant Bagshaw’s episode, which has had more than 113,000 views”,” he says.

Every Monday, a new story drops on any one of a number of platforms including Stuff, RNZ and The Herald. Today on Stuff, the story of the Christchurch Arts Centre’s incredible journey after being severely damaged by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, has already been viewed by almost 10,000 people in the first 90 minutes of going live.

Smyth says Frank Film is growing to be a ‘go to’ source of local stories.

“Nearly all stories have been shot in Canterbury, home to 2/3rds of South Islanders. Documenting the Christchurch Rebuild remains important and relevant. We are all living in new worlds here. The psycho-social aspects in our lives needs publicising as rates of mental health illness continue to climb in Christchurch and other, smaller, South Island communities.

Frank’s team is motivated by the need to bring together a changing community.

“New leaders are emerging and addressing the issues we’re all confronting. “Frank-Changing South” gives voice to ideas and initiatives that inspire and direct our worlds. Dr Sue and Philip Bagshaw are part of that, and we are honoured to have worked with them to tell their story,” says Smyth.


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Additional numbers:

Frank-Changing South is current affairs, telling character-driven, in-depth and accessible stories. Primarily a South Island audience and secondly a national audience, learn of the region’s changing identity.

Reach (number of people who saw one of Frank Film’s posts/videos): 5,066,534

Total Facebook views (3s or more): 2,615,530

Watch time: 2,098,302 minutes 

Engagement (shares, reactions, comments): 102,822

To date 11 episodes have screened

Most viewed episodes include What Happened At The Hospital (following the ChCh mosque shootings) – with approximately 900,000 views.

Frank-Changing South is having an exceptionally strong season, building on our years of work since the quakes. Frank Film is now established as a reliable and strong presence in Christchurch.