MoneyHub publishes guide to best paid NZ surveys

Friday 21 June 2019, 4:48PM
By MoneyHub New Zealand

It is buyer beware when it comes to time investment in online survey gigs - MoneyHub has released a guide to steer New Zealanders away from lemons.

MoneyHub Senior Researcher Christopher Walsh said:

“Survey sites promise a lot in terms of rewards, but many lack legitimacy and can short-change or cheat their members”.

“Some of the survey sites showed many unpaid tasks, but without warning, users could waste time and earn nothing”.

“Generally, survey communities are starting to grow bigger so some sites are pulling a few tricks to get you to respond to questionnaires for free”.

“In an effort to understand the benefits and rewards of online surveys, our guide rounds up the ten most popular survey sites in New Zealand which don't waste people’s time. Overall, the nature of survey websites is not very transparent - our research focuses on the pros and cons of each website, and how users are paid”.

“None of the survey sites we listed offer a full-time income or any type of reliable income stream. Nonetheless, most offer New Zealanders a regular opportunity to take surveys and earn credit which you can redeem for gift cards from well-known retailers such as Rebel Sports, Subway Sandwiches and Farmers, as well as actual money for some sites”.

 “We want to make everyday New Zealanders aware of the options, as well as the downsides. We have made it clear exactly how these sites operate, how they can take advantage of you, and what users need to know to stay ahead”.

“We expect our guide to paid surveys to be popular and will be updating the page on an ongoing basis”.

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