Five Things You Didn't Know You Can Do With The Top-Quality Compressed Air Products Supplied by Leading Industrial Company Atlas Copco Five Things You Didn't Know You Can Do With The Top-Quality Compressed Air Products Supplied by Leading Industrial Company Atlas Copco CREDIT: Media PA

Five Things You Didn't Know You Can Do With The Top-Quality Compressed Air Products Supplied by Leading Industrial Company Atlas Copco.

Monday 24 June 2019, 10:05AM
By Media PA

Compressed air is essential to a surprisingly large number of industries and applications in the modern world. As a utility, it follows behind water electricity and gas in terms of popularity, but can often be easier, safer and even cheaper to use than any of these, and equipment powered by compressed air if often more lightweight, more resilient and simpler to use.

At Atlas Copco New Zealand, compressed air comprises a huge percentage of their industrial products and solutions. The top-quality, state of the art drills, vacuum solutions, pumps and more that Atlas Copco provides utilize compressed air, allowing them to be used economically and efficiently.

“Compressing the air makes the molecules move more rapidly, which increases the temperature. This phenomenon is called ‘heat of compression’”, says Yuri Reijmer, Managing Director at Atlas Copco New Zealand.

“Compressing air is literally to force it into a smaller space and as a result bringing the molecules closer to each other. The energy that gets released when doing this is equal to the energy required to force the air into the smaller space- in other words, it stores the energy for future use.”

But what other applications does compressed air have? Below are just five examples of the many things you didn’t know you could do with compressed air.

Powering Roller Coasters

Fans of theme park rides will be all too familiar with the whoosh and hiss of the compressed air used in the gates, brakes and many other safety features built into these rides, as compressed air is used extensively to power the launch systems, animatronics and more on these rides. Even the equipment used to clean and maintain the systems and theme parks uses compressed air!

Power Tools

Pneumatic tools rely almost entirely on compressed air to perform. Items such as drills, air-operated lathes and even the equipment used to cool and maintain these tools are powered by storing and transmitting the energy provided by compressed air – referred to within the industry as “Energy Air.”


Atomizing paint has allowed spray paint cans to be used as a convenient means of painting a large surface area quickly. Many industrial painting jobs are done with the use of compressed air, as well as some of the more recreational uses of paint, such as ammunition propulsion for air rifles and paintball guns!


Many modern vehicles are powered by compressed air, as a cheaper, cleaner alternative to petrol. With as low energy density and virtually emission-free, these vehicles could be the future of eco-friendly transportation. Many conventional vehicles use compressed air for alternative means, however, such as air pumps for tyre inflation, automotive production and maintenance, and more.


Tanks of compressed air are invaluable for divers, both amateur and professional, as they provide hours of breathable air in a relatively compact form as divers explore the world beneath the waves. Buoyancy devices such as inflatable bladders also use compressed air to inflate almost instantly, giving divers and swimmers immediate buoyancy whenever needed.

For more information, or to check out Atlas Copco’s wide range of industrial products and air compressors, visit them here!

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