Fostering Positive Relations & Building Community with Crown's Student Ambassador Program

Friday 28 June 2019, 11:21PM
By Beckie Wright

Individuals who are planning to study in New Zealand can benefit from Crown Institute of Studies’ (Crown) Student Ambassador Programme. More than just offering international students a wide range of hospitality and tourism courses, Crown is also providing them with a unique opportunity to enhance their student life through their Student Ambassador Programme.

The aim is to help build and maintain the Crown community through the help of student representatives that serve as the voice of the student community. The student representatives are willing and passionate individuals who are keen to experience all realms of student life. From organising events and activities to hosting fundraisers, they will have the opportunity to make a positive impact while building long-lasting friendships.

This is what Crown’s Student Ambassador Programme (SA) can offer – experience and more. As an SA, Crown will give students access to leadership workshops covering public speaking and sales promotion. Upon successful completion, students are awarded a highly sought-after Crown Student Ambassador Certificate. The leadership position enables students to be the face of the school by playing an integral role in the recruitment and admission process. Students will volunteer for at least two events, attend meetings and workshops and represent Crown on the website with a student ambassador profile.

The unique programme allows students to grow and boost their personal and professional skills. With free educational workshops and greater engagements with the Crown Institute of Studies’ community, and being part of building a sense of community on campus, students can learn something that can never be taught within the confines of a classroom.

Crown’s Student Ambassador programme is open to all students to join. Applications are open four times each year.

To learn more, visit the Crown Institute of Studies website at