Progressive Company Makes Quality Onsite Hose Repair Easier

Friday 5 July 2019, 9:21AM
By Clickthrough Digital Marketing

Every year, the forestry industry loses over $130 million in lost productivity. New Zealand hydraulics hose replacement company BOA Hydraulics is helping business owners’ turn that wasted time into Profit.

BOA Hydraulics, which spans over three generations, sat down and listened to the concerns of their primary industry – forestry. What they heard time and time again was that downtime was costing them a fortune. “With many forestry locations being remote from major suppliers, the downtime from a blown hose or hydrulic failure can up to serverals hours, which not only has an effect on productity but also on widers issues such as Health & Safety and the Environment,” says Simon Boaks, CEO, BOA.

BOA Hydraulics developed an innovative and simple solution that means fast replacement of blown hoses can get a logger back up an running in as little as 30 minutes. Given that downtime can cost as much as $1,500 an hour plus the cost of a hydraulic mobile repairer, it’s a significant saving.

The BOA solution consists of an on-site Hydraulics hoses repair and maintenance crimping system that can be run and managed by one of the logging crew themselves. For many in the industry the ability for on-site staff members to repair blown hoses or replace hoses before they blow, can be the difference between a profitable operation or a headache in lost productivity.

BOA also saw an opportunity to add to their current offering of a contianer or ute setup and now have the BOApod available, an innoviative on-site hose and maintenance repair unit. The BOApod means that a customer can take their hydraulic hose repair and maintaince facility with them whereever they are now matter how rough or remote the terrain is.

BOA continues to innovate and have now developed an app that works with the onsite kits to help with self-sufficient hose construction. The new app, called BOAhub, allows you to reorder inventory, digitally make a hose on the screen, and get a reminder when your hose is due for replacement.  “This is a seriously exciting release for us. We have trialled version one and we named it the BOAHub as opposed to App giving clients a hub of information for inventory construction and control” Says Simon.

BOA’s hose and maintenance repair solution is a game changer for an industry that can calculate to the minute what downtime costs, and knows that they can’t afford not to at least investigate the offering further.

If you would like to know more about the BOApod, hydraulic_uptime, or what this innovative company can offer you, visit, email, or phone 0800 20 20 20.  


About BOA

BOA gets its name from the Boa Constrictor – a “powerful, big, fast, yet flexible king of pressure”. It’s clear to see that BOA Hydraulics is not a lot different from its namesake. BOA is proud to offer cutting and crimping machinery, Yokohama & Silflo hoses and fittings, as well as innovative technology to link them together. You can rely on this three-generational company for genuine parts, quality service, and a forward-thinking approach.