How International Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand promote Environmentally Friendly Practices. How International Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand promote Environmentally Friendly Practices. CREDIT: Media PA

How International Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand promote Environmentally Friendly Practices.

Monday 8 July 2019, 12:38PM
By Media PA

Atlas Copco has been recognised as the world leading providers of industrial productivity solutions; offering top-of-the-line, economical and highly innovative gas generator for both nitrogen and oxygen generation. With a focus on gas generation, Atlas Copco not only aims at providing high quality products but are also committed to developing solutions that support sustainable development.

“The company’s goal is to ensure that natural resources are used in the most responsible and efficient way”, says Yuri Reijmer, Managing Director at Atlas Copco New Zealand. Atlas Copco strives to minimize their impact on water, energy and material consumption, also aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company prioritises to improve customer value by creating more energy-efficient product lines in all their business areas and also track/report their performance on water consumption and waste. By reusing and recycling waste Atlas Copco ensures that no excess waste is created during the production process.

Atlas Copco believes in ‘Innovation for Sustainability’ and that is exactly what they deliver with their innovative products. “Our innovative products and services support our customers’ productivity, reduce cost and help them meet their sustainability ambitions”, says Yuri Reijmer. The company not  only pioneers in the area of environmental sustainability but also encourages their customers to follow this path by delivering eco-friendly products.

Energy consumption in the use-phase of the products developed by Atlas Copco has a significant impact on the environment and on the cost for the customer. By recognising this issue and to provide an energy efficient solution Atlas Copco has taken a step towards product development projects that increase energy efficiency in a wide range of products and applications. For instance, the development of new efficient LED light towers for use in construction and mining sites, creating new efficient vacuum pumps that lower energy consumption by 60%, developing novel VSD+ technology which allows customers to lower compressed air energy bill by 50%, etc. Atlas Copco is an epitome of a company that thrives to innovate for a sustainable future by providing innovative solutions to industries all around the world.

About Atlas Copco:

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Atlas Copco provides efficient and innovative industrial equipment, with over 40, 000 employees and customers in over 180 countries. With a vision of “First in Mind, First in Choice,” Atlas Copco have become internationally renowned for the safety, sustainability and durability of the many different solutions and innovations they provide. Their products and services include compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools, assembly systems, and more.


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