Don't Let Sensitivity Ruin Your Day, Try New Sensodyne Rapid Relief

Tuesday 16 July 2019, 9:40PM
By Impact PR

When it’s time to rise and shine, we all have our favourite ways to kickstart the day. Whether it’s a steaming hot latte or an icy cold green smoothie, you don’t have to let tooth sensitivity ruin your morning ritual - thanks to new Sensodyne Rapid Relief, help is at hand!

Take charge of your teeth and feel the difference with Sensodyne Rapid Relief, a new fluoride toothpaste that beats sensitivity pain fast1. Embrace the power of science as you enjoy a new unique formulation proven to provide relief from the first brush1 and long-lasting protection from dentine hypersensitivity2, with twice daily brushing.

Recognising a need in the market for people with sensitive teeth, GSK launched Sensodyne Rapid Relief - a unique formulation that works rapidly to form a barrier over the sensitive areas of your teeth and reduce sensitivity at just 60 seconds, by applying a pea-sized amount to a clean finger-tip and rub gently into each sensitive tooth (maximum twice per day) for one minute.

With twice daily brushing, the new formulation builds ongoing protection with every brush, supporting the long-term management of dentine hypersensitivity,3 a painful, chronic condition affecting as many as one in two people.4

With the launch of Sensodyne Rapid Relief, GSK Consumer Healthcare aims to help relieve the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity, to break the cycle of pain in patients with dentine hypersensitivity some people find themselves in, and enable long-term protection* from dentine hypersensitivity. Through this and its broader Sensodyne portfolio, GSK Consumer Healthcare intends to make dentine hypersensitivity a manageable condition over the long-term.

If you have sensitive teeth, making a few changes to your oral health routine can help you relieve tooth sensitivity. You don’t have to live with the discomfort!

The key to relieving your tooth sensitivity with Sensodyne Rapid Relief is to use it properly. Like your regular toothpaste, you should use Sensodyne twice a day, every day. Although sensitivity can be relieved, it is not always curable, and may require ongoing management. Continuing to use it as your daily toothpaste will help you feel relief both now and in the future.

You can also enjoy the benefits of Sensodyne Rapid Relief long-term - twice-daily brushing with Sensodyne Rapid Relief has been shown to continue to reduce dentine hypersensitivity over time,3,10 while providing all the benefits expected of a regular toothpaste. Long-term use of sensitivity toothpastes like Sensodyne Rapid Relief have been found to lead to noticeable reductions in the impact of dentine hypersensitivity on everyday life,3 and in turn, a reduction in the ‘coping strategies’ used by people with sensitive teeth.9

So make the most of your smile with new Sensodyne Rapid Relief and enjoy hot and cold foods with confidence. Maybe you can finally enjoy that longed-for ice-cream too!

Sensodyne Rapid Relief ($10.99; available in Original and Extra Fresh) is available in store now.