Costs of various Auckland panel beaters

Wednesday 24 July 2019, 2:28AM
By MoneyHub New Zealand

MoneyHub publishes a guide of estimated costs of different Auckland panel beaters and smash repairs

To eliminate uncertainty for drivers when contemplating dropping their car after a prang or accident, MoneyHub has published an extensive guide to panel beaters in Auckland.

MoneyHub Senior Researcher Christopher Walsh said:
"We wanted to make panel beater and smash repair costs less confusing; our list of prices for various works helps pre-empt what you can expect to pay. To help drivers make a choice, we've handpicked a list of ten reliable, affordable and trusted panel beaters in Auckland to save time and money".

"We want to make homeowners aware that many minor cosmetic dings and dints can often be solved with a DIY approach".

"We have made it clear exactly how panel beaters charge, with the average bill consisting of a labour charge, parts and materials, any specialist equipment costs, and GST".

"We have listed ten reliable Auckland panel beaters available in Central, East, West, North and South Auckland, selected based on their history of longstanding service within Auckland, location and data extracted from internet reviews on Google Business, Facebook, TradeMe Services and others. No panel beating company has paid to appear on the list, and has no relationship with any panel beating company".

"We expect our panel beating guide to be popular and give drivers the confidence to call up a panel beater, arrange a quote, knowing exactly who some of the best professionals are in Auckland. We will be updating the page on an ongoing basis".


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