Tyres and Rims Vital During Tractor Maintenance Checks, According to AgSpares

Monday 29 July 2019, 12:52PM
By Beckie Wright

AgSpares, New Zealand’s top choice when purchasing tractor parts online, advises farmers and other tractor users to make tyre and rim checks a part of their regular maintenance checks. Tractors work in challenging and dirty conditions, making regular, routine maintenance checks crucial to their sustained operation. AgSpares is committed to keeping New Zealand farmers’ tractors in the fields where they belong.

A tractor’s rims and tyres are, ultimately, supporting the weight of the entire machine, and tractors can weigh upwards of 1,500 kgs. This makes rims and tyres central to safe operation. Tyres should be checked regularly for damage and wear, and nuts should be checked for proper torque. Check rims for rust, particularly around the lug nuts. Rust weep is a phenomenon that occurs when lines of rust appear beneath the nuts, and can indicate corrosion of the wheel studs, ultimately making it difficult (and potentially costly) to replace the rims when the time comes.

AgSpares offers rims, tyres, and innertubes for countless different models of ten recognised tractor makes, with options for different treads and materials.

Setting the standard for online tractor parts in New Zealand, Ag Spares has been keeping tractors in action since 1983, connecting customers with the right parts at the right price. AgSpares supplies a wide range of parts for every common tractor model available in New Zealand, from John Deere to New Holland, as well as parts from many quality aftermarket brands including Sparex, BareCo, and A&I.

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