Frequent Clutch and Brakes Check a Must for New Zealand Farmers, Says AgSpares

Monday 29 July 2019, 12:53PM
By Beckie Wright

New Zealand farmers ask a lot of their tractors. To keep them working in peak condition, regular and thorough maintenance checks are crucial. That’s why AgSpares, an industry leader in new and used tractor parts, encourages Kiwi farmers to keep a close eye on their tractors’ clutch and brake systems.

Clutch and brake fluid levels can be easy to overlook, but checking these systems requires more than merely monitoring fluids. Farmers and other tractor users should pay close attention to wear and tear on the clutch plate, which can dramatically affect performance.

Farmers should also keep a watchful eye on the thickness of their brake pads or shoes. Uneven or excessive wear can result in damage to rotors or drums. If brakes are sticky or unresponsive, issues could be stemming from the brake master cylinder or slave cylinders. For drum brake systems, spring sets need to be replaced regularly due to rust.

Offering tractor parts for sale for every tractor model commonly encountered in New Zealand, AgSpares provides top-quality new parts for clutch and brake systems. Clutch kits, plates, and drive dampers from leading factory brands promise to keep New Zealand tractors in action.

AgSpares has been keeping tractors in the field since 1983, having helped thousands of customers and built solid relationships with dealerships and farmers throughout New Zealand and Australia. Regularly undertaking late-model tractor dismantling and adding new products to their extensive line regularly, AgSpares offers unparalleled variety and quality.

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