AgSpares Cautions New Zealand Farmers of Tractor Fire Hazards

Monday 29 July 2019, 12:55PM
By Beckie Wright

Tractors pose a significant fire hazard to New Zealand farms, which is why AgSpares hopes to help farmers identify key warning signs. AgSpares considers fire prevention a cornerstone of every routine tractor maintenance check. That’s why they offer fire safety equipment as part of their wide range of aftermarket tractor accessories.

WorkSafe corroborates AgSpares’ recommendations regarding tractor fire prevention. Only air, flammable material, and a heat source are necessary to cause a fire, which is why over 75% of all tractor fires begin in the engine compartment. Tractor fires are usually caused by the build-up of grease or oil, collections of hay or straw, or bird’s nests. All these fire hazards can be detected and removed with frequent, routine maintenance checks.

When checking for fire hazards in tractors, AgSpares recommends removing crop dusts and residues, grease, and oil with cleaning solvents when the engine is cool. Remove dried chaff, leaves, and bird nests by hand. Check for leaks of flammable fluids in the engine compartment and exhaust system. Also, always keep a working fire extinguisher on the tractor. Tractors are most likely to catch fire when they are in the field, far from the nearest water source.

AgSpares has been providing New Zealand farmers with John Deere tractor parts, along with many other makes, since 1983. With every tractor part necessary to keep Kiwi farm operations running smoothly, AgSpares has helped thousands of customers and is now the principle supplier for many farm dealerships in New Zealand and Australia.

AgSpares offers 1kg dry powder fire extinguishers for use on tractors and other farm equipment. To view, click here: