Bird On A Wire Celebrates Plastic Free Takeaways

Thursday 1 August 2019, 1:51PM
By Beckie Wright

Living plastic free is a lifestyle that is becoming increasingly popular. This was proven this month with the insane popularity of the ‘Plastic Free July’ movement. Bird on a Wire is no stranger to the concept of living plastic free, and has been celebrating zero waste along with many kiwis this past month.

The zero-waste movement has hit hard, and many people, companies and organisations are adopting more eco-friendly systems as a result. From paperless, online corporations to compostable packaging at your local café, every little bit of plastic we take out of the production line helps to work towards a clean, green New Zealand.

Plastic Free July has been the perfect opportunity for kiwis to start their own zero waste movement. For those who don’t live most months of the year thinking much about their plastic consumption, it has encouraged them to make a conscious effort to reduce single-use plastics for the month of July, and to realise just how easy this can be to achieve every month of the year!

Being zero-waste doesn’t have to come all in one go. It can be about making small changes to the way we use single use plastics. It can be a lot easier to start off by choosing one single use plastic and finding a solution to avoid it, and then building up that strategy for many of the single use plastics in your home, workplace or school.

At Bird On A Wire, caring about the environment is right up the top of their to do list. Every day, the healthy Auckland restaurant uses eco takeaway packaging, including food liners made from ground stone. They also commercially compost all food waste, removing it from landfill where it can produce harmful methane gas. Their packaging is commercially compostable OR you can even BYO packaging!

If you’re trying to live a more zero waste lifestyle, this can be pretty tricky to achieve when you want to go out and buy delicious takeaways. For a healthy takeaway option that celebrates living plastic free, check out today.