6 Reasons to NOT paint your own house in Auckland unless you know what you're doing

Wednesday 7 August 2019, 3:11PM
By Superior Renovations


Painting products do not come cheap. If you have taken the decision to paint your home then I am sure you have put quite a lot of thought into it. You are either doing it because the old paint has started looking shabby or you, or you are looking at revamping the place or you simply want to add value to it before selling the property. Whatever your reason, we would always advice people to enlist a professional.

This is because painting is not as easy as dipping the rolling pin in a vat of paint and hence rolling it on the walls. Painting requires a lot of hard work. A professional painters auckland has extensive knowledge, education, and experience which enables them to achieve excellent long lasting results. Therefore it is important to enlist a professional company to paint your home.

Here are just SIX reasons why you should always choose a pro to paint the outside of your house.

Reason one: The quality of your paint job

Painting requires training in various aspects such as health and safety, knowledge on chemicals used, handling and storage, base coats etc. These things matter in order to achieve a professional paint finish. It is often easy to assume that painting is about just choosing the colour and painting them on the walls. Unless you have some solid experience in this line of work, we would advice you to enlist the help of a professional. A professional painter or company would be able to advice you on all aspects of painting and will make sure that your paint job lasts for a long time. Also do not forget that a painting company will provide you with a guarantee and warranty in case something goes wrong.

Reason two: Pre Painting Preparation

Painting an area needs a substantial amount of preparation. You have to consider the condition, material and type of surfaces that you need to paint on. Walls need to be plastered  in order to make the walls smooth and to remove any debris or cracked paint from the walls prior to painting. The holes and uneven surfaces also needs to be filled before the walls can be ready to be painted. If there are water marks on your walls then a oil based base coat has to be used. These steps are vital if you want your walls to look good.

You will also have to consider the purpose of the rooms that you are painting when choosing a colour or the type of paint. For example, you should use oil based paint for child's bedroom as it can be cleaned easily and can withstand wear and tear better than water based paints. Basically preparation is key when it comes to painting. You really need to plan and choose carefully. Hence take an advice of a professional if you do plan to paint your home just to make sure that you have it all covered.

Reason three: A DIY job does not always mean lower costs.

At first, painting your home on your own might seem like a good money saving scheme but this could prove to be untrue in the long run. It is not as simple as buying good quality paints, good brushes and the technique. Factors such as using the right paint for the said surface, base coats, a good plastering job, gib stopping and the season have a substantial effect on the longevity of your painted area. If certain steps and procedures are not followed during the painting process, it can shorten the lifespan of your painting job by half. It could mean re painting your home sooner than if done by a professional. Another tip is if it's a minor alteration you're wanting done, instead of contacting renovation companies, it might be more cost-effective to contact a property maintenance company instead.

Reason four: Be honest, do you really have the spare time to paint your own home?

Painting your home can take a substantial amount of time if you consider all the prep time and the actual effort that goes into it. It will also take you longer than it would a professional. Save yourself the effort and time and enlist a professional to paint your home instead.

Reason five: Are you trained in health and safety?

Proper Health and Safety measures are a must on any house renovation. It is not only about the fumes that you might potentially inhale. Painting involves being on ladders, handling paint with chemicals that are detrimental  to health, bending over etc. Good painting companies usually have precautionary procedures along with procedures if something goes wrong. They are trained to avoid danger and carry out the work in a safe environment which poses no health risks.

Reason Six: After Painting care

Once your home is painted, the job is not over. After paint care is just as important as the preparation before getting it painted. The area needs to be cleared of any tools and hazardous substances. If you are using water based paint then it should be okay for you to go back and live in your home right after the paint is dried. However if you are using oil based paints then you should not be moving back into your home for at least 6 to 10 days as the fumes can be very harmful to inhale. There are a number of things like this that need to be taken into consideration once your paint job is completed. Ask a professional for proper after painting care.

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