How International Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand Leads the Industry Through Innovation. How International Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand Leads the Industry Through Innovation. CREDIT: Media PA

How International Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand Leads the Industry Through Innovation

Monday 12 August 2019, 10:59AM
By Media PA

As an old and respected international company that remains a global leader in industrial products and solutions, Atlas Copco’s success is largely due to their key attribute: innovation.

Atlas Copco is constantly striving to produce top-of-the-line industrial equipment that become more efficient, economical, resilient and cost-effective with every passing year. The air compressors, generators, vacuum solutions and portable industrial equipment designed, machined and supplied by Atlas Copco is created with the specific purposes of minimising downtime, maximising productivity and ensuring their customers receive long-lasting, cost-effective use from their equipment.

“Atlas Copco’s product launches over the years have led to more compact and energy efficient compressors with higher air quality, backed by state-of-the art service solutions,” says Yuri Reijmer, Managing Director at Atlas Copco New Zealand.

The first piston air compressor was manufactured by Atlas Copco over a century ago, in 1904. Since then, the company’s innovation has driven them to constantly update and improve their design, making their compressors air-cooled, portable, and eventually oil-free, with each update over the years making the technology viable in an ever-increasing number of industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, utility, mining and more.

Atlas Copco’s more modern work includes solutions for the construction industry designed to be smaller, silent, and energy efficient, significantly improving upon the often loud, fume-laden nature of construction work in an urban environment. Many of Atlas Copco’s products now feature a means of power recycling, collecting the heat produced by the equipment and reusing it to ensure an eco-friendly power ratio.

“The world is facing an immense challenge in its efforts to phase out fossil fuels and slow down global warming. One important piece of the puzzle is finding energy-efficient solutions that cut back on CO2 emissions and provide alternatives to fossil fuels as an energy source,” Yuri explains.

With solutions for unexpected emergencies or planned contingencies, Atlas Copco continues to lead the way in innovative, eco-friendly products, and can design a custom-made solution to meet your needs.

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About Atlas Copco:

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Atlas Copco provides efficient and innovative industrial equipment, with over 40, 000 employees and customers in over 180 countries. With a vision of “First in Mind, First in Choice,” Atlas Copco have become internationally renowned for the safety, sustainability and durability of the many different solutions and innovations they provide. Their products and services include compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools, assembly systems, and more.


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