$1 Million Charitable Initiative Offers Support to Promote Diversity

Monday 12 August 2019, 7:39PM
By Impact PR


Auckland charities are being invited to apply for part of a million dollar fund with the allocation of money decided by public vote.

Additional support is also being offered to charitable organisations to help break down barriers which prevent greater diversity and inclusiveness. 

The Million Dollar Mission is part of The Trusts West Auckland - a social enterprise which returns profits from the retail sale of alcohol, its hospitality business and investments back into the community. 

More than 100 charities, schools, clubs and other local organisations have received $3 million in donations from the Trusts online platform since 2016. The groups use the funding to complete a wide range of education, health, sporting, environmental and other initiatives that support the West Auckland community. 

This year applications are being sought from a wide range of local organisations to ensure a level of diversity among the funding recipients which reflects the demographic profile of West Auckland. Additional support is being offered to some groups to help them complete their application.

CEO of The Trusts Simon Wickham says often many of the groups that are the most in need of funding may be smaller in size and may not have the internal infrastructure or commercial experience in fundraising applications - which can be off-putting for them.

“We would really encourage charities and groups of any size to come forward and talk to us, we will help them put together their application if needed and work with them on the process to ensure they have the visibility they need when it comes to attracting public votes. 

“Increasing community awareness of the organisations involved in the funding application is  one of the key outcomes of the Million Dollar Mission.

“Beyond the completion of their specific projects, we want those groups that are involved to be able to use the platform to increase their current membership and support base throughout the region,” he says.

Wickham says the West Auckland community is one of the most ethnically diverse in the country and they also want to ensure their funding process is inclusive and reflects the region. 

“As an example, we have large populations of Māori, Pasifika, Indian, and Chinese residents living in our area who all have organisations working to support them; there may also be other groups who could use the funding to complete their projects such as those in LGBTQ+ community. 

“Ultimately the Trusts are there to support the entire West Auckland community, and we are committed to breaking down any barriers that may prevent any local groups from applying,” he says. 

Applications will run between August 19 – 27 September. Finalists will be selected by a panel of Elected Members and members of the public and announced on October 14, just prior to the opening of public voting on October 22. 

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