Gems Celebrate Good News Regarding the Influence Early Childhood Teachers Are Having on Child Obesity at Daycare

Monday 2 September 2019, 9:08PM
By Beckie Wright


After decades of rising child obesity rates, New Zealand may have finally turned a corner - at least when it comes to preschoolers. In a recently released report, New Zealand is leading the way globally in reducing childhood obesity when it comes to early educational childcare, and this is due in no small way to our skilled childcare workers.

Gems Educational Childcare centres are proud to be part of this important trend, and believe it is the special environment at Gems that attracts such a successful and contented team. Similarly, regarding the reduction in preschooler obesity, the Gems’ team ensure that by sharing a meal around a table, children eat a variety of food, learn about healthy eating, have social interaction and give thanks to those who prepare their food. They become independent through serving their own food, setting up for meal times and clearing the table at the end.

Much of their food comes from their kitchen garden – fresh organic vegetables – often planted and picked by the children themselves, and this has obviously been the key to keeping their kids healthy and happy. Gems also have some unique ideas on how to secure the happiness and loyalty of their teachers, including health care insurance, commitment to their philosophical practices, beautiful environment and a great team culture where their leaders have heart.

Gems’ passionate, qualified teachers are the ongoing reason why Gems’ philosopy works so well for everyone. Quality care and education for children in a setting that has a home away from home feel is at the core of their philosophy.  This belief demonstrates the true essence of the values that drive everyone at Gems to be the best caregivers they can be, so for more information on early childhood teachers, preschools Queenstown and Gems kitchens please go to .