Te Atatu South Childcare Talk About Self Compassion

Wednesday 18 September 2019, 6:28PM
By Beckie Wright

Social compassion is a critical part of social development and is critical when working with families and children.  If we have self compassion then we are able to understand more about what is going to happen. As author Tamar Jacobson explains, “Attention seeking is seen as misbehavior in young children, and giving them the attention they need is often times interpreted as reinforcement of bad behavior. Everyone Needs Attention focuses on how we, as adults, manage our emotions when children seek our attention

“Brain development research shows us that in order to feel attached and worthwhile, children need our love, touch and full-on attention to survive. They could die without it — indeed, some do.”

How do you think things might change if you responded to yourself in the same way you typically respond to a close friend when he or she is suffering? Self-compassion is extending compassion to one's self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering. Self-kindness: Self-compassion entails being warm towards oneself when encountering pain and personal shortcomings, rather than ignoring them or hurting oneself with self-criticism.

Mindful Self Compassion combines the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion, providing a powerful tool for emotional resilience. Self-compassion involves responding to these difficult thoughts and feelings with kindness, sympathy and understanding so that we soothe and comfort ourselves when we're hurting.

In sum, self-compassion is a healthier way of feeling good about oneself than self-esteem that is based on the need to feel better than others. Many people criticise themselves in the belief that it will help motivate them to achieve their goals.

Self-compassion yields a number of benefits, including lower levels of anxiety and depression. Self-compassionate people recognise when they are suffering and are kind to themselves at these times, which reduces their anxiety and related depression.

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