Pre-school Services at Future Kids Childcare

Tuesday 24 September 2019, 12:16PM
By Beckie Wright

Preschool provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence, where children learn they can accomplish tasks and make decisions without the help of their parents. Similarly, behaviour management is a major part of preschool learning, and Future Kids’philosopy is all about empowering children to be confident learners and communicators.

However, the day by day services they provide are equally important. They provide a healthy meal and snacks for children over 12 months of age and the children will have a cooked lunch most days and you will find the weekly menu displayed on the childcare's notice board.  Children under 12 months will need to provide their own meals, so parents are asked to please inform staff of any food allergies their child may have.

Future Kids ask caregivers to provide nappies for their child or the centre can provide them at a cost of $3.00 per day. Similarly, all children requiring infant formula will need to bring the bottles pre made, named and placed in the refrigerator in your child’s room.

All children enrolled at Future Kids will have a portfolio book, using Educa, which is an online portfolio system, and all portfolios have an initial set up cost of $25. Portfolios are an important piece of documentation providing you with a visual story of your child’s time at the centre.  They are a holistic narrative of your child’s learning journey and a shared anecdote between the pre-school, your child and your family /whanau.

Portfolios are something special Future Kids’ teachers enjoy creating together for your child, and their teachers take a lot of pride in capturing the uniqueness of each child within the centre environment. Through the pages you will see photos and photo stories, written observations, collections of art and different accounts of your child’s participation, growth and development in centre life.

Future Kids’ teachers use photoshop artistry and their individual creativeness to present an impressive document for your child to cherish in years to come, so for more information on early childhood education Hamilton, sustainable childcare and childcare Hamilton please go to .