Karajoz Coffee Company Furthering Efforts to be Eco-Friendly

Monday 30 September 2019, 7:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Karajoz Coffee Company is making efforts to make their processes entirely non-polluting. The privately-owned roaster in New Zealand is working towards making the Karajoz company environmentally conscious and their roastery environmentally friendly.

The premier roaster produces smoke at 600 degrees, making their coffee roasting emissions non-polluting. They also produce organic coffee, certified organic by AssureQuality. AssureQuality is the world’s most trusted food certifier, providing food safety services to the food and primary production sectors worldwide. Karajoz’s certification gives consumers confidence that the product they are purchasing has been produced according to organic purposes, and in line with sustainable practice.

In addition to that, the roasting company’s coffee sacks are recycled. Karajoz is proud to support the Zoo Doo initiative, wherein the chaff produced by Karajoz is recycled. The chaff—a by-product of coffee roasting made up of the skin of each coffee bean peeling off in the roaster—is given to Auckland Zoo where it is mixed to produce “Zoo Doo – quality compost”. The organisation helps with taking in the manure from the city zoos and diverting seven cubic metres of raw waste from landfills, making the Karajoz coffee production begin and end in the ground.

These efforts are crafted to embody the Karajoz company value “Coffee with a Conscience”. Apart from these examples, Karajoz is also working towards making new compostable packaging by 2020. Their coffee cups are returned to the ground via composting, and the compost is used as a fertiliser to grow vegetables out in Pukekohe, Auckland. These vegetables are then sold in local supermarkets and produce stores, and are guaranteed fresher, more delicious, and less expensive.

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