Proper Pizza Goes Vegan

Monday 30 September 2019, 11:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Vegans around the world will agree that one of the hardest dishes to pass up is pizza. The delicious balance of dough, toppings and most of all, stringy cheese is a constant temptation. Fortunately, many plant based eateries up and down the country have been adopting plant-based versions of traditionally non-vegan dishes.

The latest addition to the bandwagon is none other than Auckland pizzeria Proper Pizza. Many people have been unaware but Proper Pizza has been offering dairy free cheese as an optional extra on their pizzas since their inauguration in August 2018. This is great for those who may be plant based, dairy intolerant or just trying to opt for a healthier option. You have the opportunity to switch out any pizzas ‘Proper Cheese’ topping for dairy free cheese.

But it doesn’t stop there, up until recently, vegans have been restricted at this pizza joint by their pizza base offerings – as only the 30cm pizza and the gluten free pizza base have been offered as vegan. This is not unusual, as cow’s milk is traditionally commonly used in pizza bases, as it adds extra fats creating flavour.

Proper Pizza is now proud to announce that they have switched their pizza base recipe, and now all their pizza bases are certified vegan. This is great news, as vegans all over Auckland can opt for a delicious dairy free pizza in any of Proper Pizza’s sizes – up to 60cm Diametre!

So Auckland vegans, next time you find yourself craving Pizza in the Chancery area, pop into Proper Pizza. We highly recommend the Black Truffle or Garden Love options – just ask for the cheese to be switched out for vegan cheese and Presto! You’ve got yourself a unique, delicious vegan snack.

To view Proper Pizza’s menu or order online visit their website today at