Challenge Rotorua owner Harpreet Singh - Photo by Stephen Parker. Challenge Rotorua owner Harpreet Singh - Photo by Stephen Parker. CREDIT: Stephen Parker

Rotorua Branch of Kiwi Fuel Company Challenge Fuel Proud Winners of The Hit's Best Petrol Station Award.

Wednesday 16 October 2019, 10:07AM
By Media PA

The exceptional standards of personalised customer service with a smile continue to bring in the accolades for the independently owned and operated New Zealand fuel company Challenge Fuel.

The most recent example of quality service from Challenge Fuel comes from Challenge Rotorua on Malfroy Street, where owner Harpreet Singh recently accepted The Hits radio station’s Best Petrol Station award.

The Rotorua station, which Harpreet has owned for five years now, is known for going the extra mile to meet the needs of its customers, with extensive forecourt service and professional, friendly staff.

“We have all worked hard for the last five years – everyone, staff and customers, enjoy the service we provide,” Harpreet says.

Having worked as a mechanic before taking over the Challenge Rotorua, Harpreet says he had feedback that some people thought him too young to run the store independently, but his dedication and commitment soon proved otherwise.

He believes the independent nature of Challenge Fuel has been nothing but a benefit for both its staff and customers.

“When you’re independent, you get more to do, it’s much more hands on with franchises,” Harpreet explains.

“The forecourt service has made all the difference I think – and after taking over the store, we made sure we asked customers what they did and didn’t like and changed things accordingly.”

Having spent the first six months on the job working the forecourt, Harpreet gained a keen sense of the importance of face-to-face interaction with customers and personalised service, and says he is proud to run a business under the Challenge brand.

“I’m enjoying it, enjoying myself hugely. I’m looking forward to bigger opportunities, for our company, and being locally owned and operated as a brand makes a huge difference.”

About Challenge Fuel:

Independently Kiwi owned and operated, each Challenge Fuel station is powered by people who provide warm, personal and friendly service. Aiming for Kiwi independence, value for money and down-to-earth service, Challenge Fuel provides a wide variety of helpful services and are always ready to help get you started on the next leg of the journey.


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