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A Growing demand for Rustic Style Kitchens in Auckland

Friday 25 October 2019, 1:41PM
By Superior Renovations


There has been a growing demand for Rustic style kitchens in Auckland in the last year. This demand is to combat the idea of having the same kitchen as any other average Aucklander. A rustic kitchen brings the outdoor in your home creating a warm, inviting and unique ambience for any home.

A typical Auckland kitchen boasts modern and clean lines in the kitchen with mostly light-coloured cabinets and white splashbacks.

Rustic Kitchens however transform your kitchen with the use of dark coloured cabinetry, brass sinks, colourful tiles as splashback and copper toned accessories.

Mary Stuart our previous client, hailing originally from the states and now living in Orewa, believes that what keeps people from wanting Rustic kitchens is due to the unavailability of rustic style products in Auckland.

“I think people are scared that things like Timber are really expensive in Auckland compared to other countries and you just cannot find copper or brass sinks very easily in Auckland”.

While Timber is expensive in Auckland, other inexpensive materials like Melteca can be very easily custom made to look like Timber, teak or maple, giving the kitchen cabinets a rustic look. Copper/brass sinks and accessories can be easily found in Auckland from our local suppliers.

Mary also felt that designer kitchens meant spending 100K and was not available as an option for an average Aucklander due to expensive design processes. This can also be combated if you choose renovation companies that offer a complementary design process. 

Rustic style does not imply that your kitchen will be devout of sophistication. In fact Aucklanders opt for Rustic Kitchens with some traditional elements to add sophistication and elegance.

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