Advanced Personal Alarms for the 21st Century. Advanced Personal Alarms for the 21st Century. CREDIT: Media PA

Advanced Personal Alarms for the 21st Century.

Thursday 31 October 2019, 1:01PM
By Media PA

New Zealanders have used security technology to protect their houses and cars for loss and damage. 

Now a New Zealand-first  ‘Personal Alarm’ has been developed for independent living that protects what we all value the most, our loved ones. 

GPSOS COO, Scott Lee says “There are other products in the market but nothing that compares to the functionality and advanced inbuilt technology that GPSOS has.”

GPSOS is multi-faceted and stands for GPS technology which means the wearer can be located quickly and accurately to within 10 metres of their location.

GP stands for vital statistics that can be securely accessed by a General Practitioner and the SOS part of the name means when you press the yellow button or fall, help is summoned within seconds.  

The GPSOS customer care team will talk to the individual through the two-way talk function in the pendant and activate appropriate response.

Unlike most products designed for medical pendants, people are restricted to the confines of their homes.  GPSOS gives back freedom. “Freedom to live life to the fullest, at home, at work, shopping, being active or on holiday, anywhere the wearer is where there is mobile or wifi service, GPSOS is with you every step of the way,” Scott Lee says.

Knowing a product is only as good as the backup service.  GPSOS operates a 24/7 Whanganui-based monitoring centre dedicated to providing the level of care that New Zealander’s at every stage of their life deserve, to be connected and protected.

In the wake of recent high-profile disappearances of people suffering from dementia, Scott Lee says “GPSOS customers who suffer from dementia can have a pre-programmed geo-fence that is their safe zone.  

Once they wander outside that protected area the pendant alerts the 24/7 Monitoring Centre.  

GPSOS will then notify the family or carer and keep them updated of the GPS location until they are safely found.  “The GPS is so advanced it will even record the speed at which the wearer is travelling so if they are on a bus or in a vehicle, this can be tracked, so they can be found quicker.”

“GPSOS is a company with a heart and despite the huge investment to develop this up-to-the minute technology, we are determined to remove the barriers of cost so all New Zealander’s can feel safe, can return home to their families each night and live their life with independence and freedom<” Scott Lee says. 

To keep this promise, the GPSOS pendant is free with the only cost being $1 per day, GST exclusive for 24/7 monitoring.  Scott Lee says” “For those who prefer to wear the same technology in a watch that measures blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels, they can.  We can provide the product and service best designed to suit the lifestyle of New Zealander’s at any age”.

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