Orienteering Pinestars announced

Monday 31 December 2007, 9:43AM
By Simon Addison

The NZ Pinestars Team to compete against the Australian Bushrangers in a Test Match Series at the Waitangi Summer Carnival, 2-10 February 2008, has been announced.

There are two test matches annually, with one in New Zealand and one in Australia. The travelling team chooses the team size, with Australia choosing the maximum of 6 men and 6 women.

All up there are four test match races during the week. The first is a sprint on the 4th of February at Waikato University, with the last being on the 10th of February being held in the Weiti Forest which is North of Auckland.

Lizzie Ingham, Wellington OC
Greta Knarston, Counties Manukau OC
Lise Moen, Counties Manukau OC
Lara Prince, Peninsula & Plains Orienteers
Kate Rea, Counties Manukau OC
Rachel Smith, Hawkes Bay OC

Reserve: Penny Kane, Hawkes Bay OC

Darren Ashmore, Taupo OC
James Bradshaw, Counties Manukau OC
Karl Dravitzki*, Orienteering Taranaki
Chris Forne, Peninsula & Plains Orienteers
Neil Kerrison#, Orienteering Taranaki
Ross Morrison, Hawkes Bay OC
Jamie Stewar,t Hawkes Bay OC

#Not competing in test match on 6/2; course setter.
*Replacement for Neil Kerrison on 6/2, by agreement with Orienteering Australia.

Reserves: Karl Dravitzki for test matches on 4/2, 9/2 and 10/2.
Thomas Reynolds, North West OC, for test match on 6/2.