Endless Metals Reminds Kiwis of the Cash to Be Earned Recycling Scrap Metal During Spring Cleaning

Wednesday 13 November 2019, 6:32PM
By Beckie Wright

With Spring right here, Endless Metals gives Kiwis the opportunity to make some money by selling old recycled scrap metal collected out of spring cleaning. So, whether it is upgrading the house appliances, clearing the garage or giving the house a facelift, Endless Metals offer have a sustainable plan for all available scrap metals. Endless Metals’ leading scrap metal collection and recycling services are part of a larger, ambitious plan to change the way New Zealand citizens think about metal recycling.

Endless Metals is a licensed second-hand dealer, specialising in reducing wastefulness across the country through its range of metal recycling services targeted toward the residential, tradie, commercial and demolition sectors. Their goal is to maximise the value of scrap metal while minimising the environmental impact caused by discarded and waste materials.

In the residential sector, Endless Metals accepts all sorts of metallic items including whiteware, stoves, appliances, heat pumps, transformers, radiators, taps, electrical wiring, pots and pans, aluminium window frames, computer scrap, car batteries, filing cabinets, roofing iron and so on. Pressurized containers and hazardous explosive radioactive items however are not accepted due to health and safety measures.

Endless Metals comply by the regulations set within the industry. To sell metallic scrap, a copy of photo identification, such as a New Zealand driving license or passport, is required. Endless Metals currently boast services currently located across Wairau Valley, Pukehoe and Napier with their latest location set to open in Onehunga.

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