Midas NZ Reminds New Zealand Motorists to Check Their Batteries as Summer Approaches

Wednesday 13 November 2019, 8:02PM
By Beckie Wright

Midas NZ, one of the most trusted names in New Zealand automotive care, is reminding Kiwi motorists to pay close attention to the performance of their car batteries as summer approaches.

As temperatures rise in New Zealand this holiday season, car batteries can face extra strain. High temperatures can evaporate liquids within battery cells, weakening them and reducing their output. This is just part of why regular battery testing is important.

Midas NZ offers leading car battery replacement and testing services for New Zealand drivers. With more inviting weather, more Kiwis will be spending more time outdoors and away from home. A dead car battery can derail a relaxing weekend or holiday, especially if it occurs far from home.

Car batteries provide the charge necessary activate a vehicle’s starter, but once the vehicle is running, the battery takes a backseat to the alternator. Powered by the car’s engine, the alternator replenishes the charge in the battery. If the starter is not working properly, it may create the illusion of a dead battery. A bad alternator, meanwhile, can exhaust the charge on a good battery, leading many to mistakenly replace the wrong part. These issues can be avoided with thorough testing from the trained professionals at Midas NZ.

In addition to battery testing and replacement, Midas NZ also provides helpful terminal servicing, alternator testing and replacement, and starter replacement, ensuring that every facet of a car’s electrical system is operating to its full potential and helping drivers identify problems where they start.

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