Menzshed Menzshed CREDIT: Supplied
Rimu stands made by Menzshed Rimu stands made by Menzshed CREDIT: Supplied

Take Care Partners with Tairāwhiti Menzshed

Friday 6 December 2019, 1:09PM
By RedPR


Wellbeing specialist, Sarah McGuinness has partnered with Tairāwhiti Menzshed (video here), to support men’s mental health.

The team at Tairāwhiti Menzshed design and make beautiful limited-edition recycled rimu stands for the Self Care Cards that Sarah produces.

“The Christmas and holiday period is a peak time for stress and extra pressures, says Sarah, “and for me, producing something that will help others while working with an organisation that helps to support good mental health 365 days of the year, is such a satisfying collaboration,” Sarah says.

The Self Care Cards are a way to encourage us to take a moment to look after ourselves with easy, no-cost ideas. Sarah describes it as “putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first, before we help others. So many of us want to help others but often forget about ourselves.”

The cards have been a real hit with customers and workplaces – with many workplaces giving the cards as gifts to staff to support them with their own self-care.

“Managing mental health is so important, and the increased awareness means I think people are looking for ways to show they truly care, and to give something practical and thoughtful,” says Sarah.

She sat next to a man on a plane last week and after talking to him about the project, he promptly ordered 35 sets.

After an initial run of 50 stands, Sarah says they have just about sold out, and she picked up another 80 stands today.

“Apparently the guys are over the moon and it’s meant we’ve donated $340 to date. Menzshed were delighted, and that money will go to more resources for them which I am thrilled about.”

Posters are also being produced in time for Christmas which will promote simple self-care messages, and $1 from every poster will go to Shine – the domestic violence support service based in Auckland. (podcast on Shine’s work here).  Posters can be purchased here.  

You can buy the limited edition hand-made recycled rimu stand and a set of Self Care Cards HERE and $2.80 from each sale goes to the Tairāwhiti Menzshed.

For more information please contact: Ali Jones on 027 247 3112  |  E







Sarah McGuinness

BSC, BSc(Hons), GradDipPsych, DipPrCoaching, CertIV Training and Assessment Cert III Fitness.


As a corporate wellbeing specialist, Sarah McGuinness helps busy professionals to take care so they can work well, live well and get the most out of life. Sarah has degrees in psychology and communications, complemented by qualifications in training, coaching and fitness. She is a passionate wellbeing champion and is determined to reduce stigma and improve conversations around mental health. Her Take Care project shares real conversations about self care in the modern world while her consulting company, My Health Revolution, is changing workplace wellbeing for the better.

Sarah’s “Self Care” cards are a way to encourage us to take a moment to look after ourselves with easy, no-cost ideas. “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before you help others,” she says. “Because so many of us want to help others but often forget about ourselves.”

Having spent more than 15 years working in organisations across New Zealand and Australia, Sarah has held senior positions in leadership and capability development, encouraging men and women to become confident leaders and team members.

A busy mother to two equally busy young children, Sarah makes all-important time to enjoy rowing and the great outdoors.



McGuinness, S. M., & Taylor, J. E. (2016). Understanding body image dissatisfaction and disordered eating in midlife adults. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, (45), 1, 4-12.