Check Out Bird On A Wire Along Your Christmas Shopping Route

Thursday 19 December 2019, 12:26PM
By Beckie Wright

Every Aucklander must have a clue by now that the new Westfield Newmarket has finally opened the doors on all 200+ stores, and just in time for Christmas shoppers to have access to all its retail glory.

If you’re one of herds of Aucklanders who plan on checking out Westfield Newmarket for your Christmas shopping, it’s no surprise at all you’re going to expect to shop till you drop. The mall sits of a site measuring 88,150 square metres – that’s a lot of ground to cover while you’re searching for the perfect gifts.

What can exhausted shoppers possibly begin to do except to set up camp and settle down, starting new lives among the clothing racks of Glassons or in the display tents at Macpac? How will they make it out alive after their treacherous journey through New Zealand’s second biggest mall? (after The Base in Hamilton, of course)

Thankfully, a saviour to Kiwi shoppers exists on Level 3 of the expansive building. No, we aren’t talking about the full-size Countdown supermarket (how did they fit that in here?) or the posh Tai Ping with its rows upon rows of instant noodle packets. We’re talking about the best place to get healthy  takeaways in the whole city, parked up perfectly at the top of the escalator. That’s right, Bird On a Wire has come to save the day for all shoppers in Westfield Newmarket mall.

After long, strenuous days of browsing shelf after shelf, Bird On A Wire offers all the comforts of a home kitchen, with healthy food to fuel your shopping trip properly. There will be no need to take midday naps among clothing racks, just search for this rotisserie chicken oasis as soon as you feel yourself fading into the shopping lull.

Bird On a Wire isn’t just posted up in Westfield Newmarket, they also have stores in Ponsonby, Takapuna, Orakei, and Tauranga to fuel Christmas shoppers across the North Island. To check out their menu or find your nearest location, check out their website now at