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Merry Christmas From The College of Midwives - A Sneak Peek Of The New #BackMidwives Video

Tuesday 24 December 2019, 10:07AM
By RedPR


As the country heads away on holiday, midwives around the country remain on call for women and whanau, the College of Midwives is asking people to sign their #backmidwives petition and share it over the Summer break.

New videos will be released in January and February next year and a preview has been made available today as part of the ongoing campaign.

The College launched the #backmidwives petition on December 3 and it has already attracted almost 13,000 signatures.

The petition calls on the Government to:

  • implement a revised funding model for community-based midwifery services
  • develop a dedicated organisation to support community-based midwives, and
  • implement fair and reasonable pay, for community-based midwives.

The petition is available to sign here and will run until 1st March 2020 (NZ Children’s Day).

You can send a postcard to MP’s and learn more about the petition here 

Merry Christmas from the College of Midwives.