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How Much Do Kitchen Splashbacks Cost In New Zealand?

Monday 6 January 2020, 2:53PM
By Superior Renovations

Are you looking for a new kitchen splashback in NZ? You could be looking to replace the old one. Or, are you considering a new splashback as part of a kitchen remodel?

A kitchen splashback adds value and functionality to your home. Therefore, it is vital to know all the options you can choose. Besides, we spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Therefore, why not bring in the wow factor to your kitchen with a stylish splashback.

The most important factor when choosing a kitchen splashback is the material. And, there are several options to choose. When choosing the material, you will have to consider the look and style you are targeting. 

Why Do You Need A Splashback?

In the kitchen, there is a lot of heat, moisture, grease, and cooking residue, which lands on your walls and cabinetry. Gradually, all the heat, moisture, and dirt degrade your walls and cabinetry. That’s where splashbacks come in.

Splashbacks are particularly crucial behind sinks and cooktops. Besides, they are a great way of adding style, colour, and overall life to the design of your kitchen.

What Are Your Options For Kitchen Splashbacks?

Glass – modern and sleek
Mirrored glass – reflective, contemporary, and gives the illusion of more space
Acrylic – resembles glass and is budget-friendly
Tile – easy to clean and versatile
Stone – vintage and elegant
Stainless steel – durable and modern
Pressed metal – very modern and stylish

More importantly, you will have to consider the cost.

While considering cost, keep in mind that a splashback is a simple way to update the design of your kitchen. To see a full breakdown of cost for differant types of kitchen splashbacks, visit