AgSafe Your New Year's Resolutions? AgSafe Your New Year's Resolutions? CREDIT: Media PA

AgSafe Your New Year's Resolutions?

Wednesday 15 January 2020, 2:56PM
By Media PA

New Year’s Resolutions are not just about wishes but are about refocusing desires and goals for the next year.  What are you wanting to achieve in 2020 that will benefit you in 2020 and for the next decade? Some suggestions might be:


Spend more time with family, spouse first and children next!!.

Improve some important Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), the ones most important to you.

Have a better understanding of the political issues for the upcoming elections.

Spend some money on something special for yourself.

Involve yourself in a charity to help or support others in your community.

Become compliant and not a complainant, that means accept some of the statutory requirements that seem to distract us from our core business and live with them.

Do something different that takes you outside your comfort zone.


While setting your new year resolutions they can only be done in the context of the analysis of 2019 and the achievement of the past.  And just a reminder, you never make a mistake, you sometimes are just required to make another decision!!  


Have a happy and prosperous new year and try and enjoy the many opportunities that are put in front of you.


James Findlay

AgSafe NZ Ltd