Employees should take disciplinary meetings seriously

Friday 24 January 2020, 12:29PM
By Work Law Limited - Employment Law - 0800 NoWinNoFee

If you are ever given a letter inviting you to a disciplinary meeting you should carefully assess the risk that the result could be dismissal.  An employer is unlikely to be playing when they start the disciplinary process, their ultimate goal is very often to dismiss you and they are just following the correct legal process.  

Whether you think your disciplinary meeting could result in you being dismissed or not it's a good idea to get legal advice or support.

Work Law Ltd supports employees with disciplinary meetings at an hourly rate.  However, quite often the disciplinary is a result of a serious break down in your employment relationship and an employer may be quite happy to enter into negotiations to terminate your employment through an exit package.  An exit package benefits all parties because it usually can be achieved with benefits to both parties.  It's an opportunity to negotiate a severance package that can involve more than just a financial benefit.

If you need one of Work Law's advocates to represent you we do charge $250 per hour to support employees with disciplinaries where we are saving your job.  However, if the outcome turns to an exit negotiation we are able to offer a No Win No Fee arrangement where we take a percentage of your settlement.  Very often we are able to get your employer to contribute to your fees either in part or in full.

We have a video on our website about how to handle a disciplinary meeting.

It's entirely free to call us to discuss your particular situation and we really recommend you do call an employment lawyer or advocate for some advice or support. 

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