Five reasons why Leading Worldwide Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand stands out from the rest. Five reasons why Leading Worldwide Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand stands out from the rest. CREDIT: Media PA

Five reasons why Leading Worldwide Industrial Giant Atlas Copco New Zealand stands out from the rest.

Tuesday 28 January 2020, 10:13AM
By Media PA

Industrial products and solutions giant Atlas Copco New Zealand are no strangers to providing heavy-duty equipment that is efficient, economical and built to last for a multitude of businesses across New Zealand. Here are five reasons why Atlas Copco New Zealand should always be your first choice.

The team at Atlas Copco New Zealand is constantly striving to produce top-of-the-line industrial equipment that becomes more efficient, economical, resilient and cost-effective for their customers. Atlas Copco’s range of quality air compressors, generators, vacuum solutions and portable industrial equipment are all created with the specific purposes of reducing downtime, increasing productivity and ensuring their customers receive long-lasting, cost-effective use from their equipment.

Nationwide Service
Atlas Copco New Zealand point of difference is that it’s the only compressed air system manufacturer operating directly across the entirety New Zealand, which means no middle men are required, ensuring affordable products and great customer service.  Their expert compressor service technicians are located all around New Zealand. “Our technicians live in your areas, so they know and understand the unique local issues that businesses face,” says Yuri Reijmer, Managing Director at Atlas Copco New Zealand.

Environmentally Friendly
“At Atlas Copco, our goal is to ensure that natural resources are used in the most responsible, ethical and efficient way,” comments Yuri. In everything that they do, strives to diminish their impact on water, energy and material consumption, also aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Atlas Copco also take extra steps ensures that no excess waste is created during the production process.

Atlas Copco has a strong culture of collaboration and inclusion drives the company’s success. “At Atlas Copco our diversity of our people is what makes us great,” advises Yuri. With a wealth of experience, knowledge and a variety of backgrounds, the thing that brings them all together is a desire to create great things. 

Customer Service
The company slogan is “First in Mind-First in Choice” which perfectly showcases their vision and their excellent relationship with customers. Atlas Copco New Zealand’s customer service is grounded on creating a long-term relationship with their clients, providing upgrades repair and maintenance to every piece of equipment sold, wherever and whenever needed.

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Atlas Copco provides efficient and innovative industrial equipment, with over 40, 000 employees and customers in over 180 countries. With a vision of “First in Mind, First in Choice,” Atlas Copco have become internationally renowned for the safety, sustainability and durability of the many different solutions and innovations they provide.


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