The KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant Makes it Easier for Buyers to Get Into their First Home

Thursday 13 February 2020, 1:35PM
By Yonatan Webb

Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting process. While it’s a highly sought after milestone, for many, the financial roadblocks can immensely challenging and without adequate support, make it near impossible to actualise this dream. Fortunately, first-time home buyers could be eligible for up to $10,000 to go towards a deposit on a brand new home through the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant. Available for KiwiSaver members meeting a certain criteria, this package has helped many New Zealanders achieve their housing goals in the past couple of years. 


The KiwiSaver HomeStart grant is open for those that:

  • Are over the age of 18
  • Have not purchased a property before
  • Have contributed the minimum amount to their fund for at least three years
  • Have a yearly income of less than $85,000
  • Intend to live in the home for at least 6-months


The first-time home buyers initiative is a welcome encouragement to get new individuals into the property owner market. With the assistance of KiwiSaver’s grants and other schemes, it is now possible for those that may have otherwise missed out on purchases to seek financial help in attaining the homes of their dreams. 


Navigation Homes, a home design and build company based across New Zealand, encourages and facilitates KiwiSaver HomeStart Grants for eligible buyers. With their expertise on the process and the assistance of their professional network, their team helps get first home buyers into their properties faster. They encourage anyone interested in finding out more about the options available to get in touch with them through their website. 


Navigation Homes also offers information evenings in select locations around the country, where people can find out more about the buying process. Visit their website here: