New Zealand Trails Attracting New & Return Customers with Enticing Returnee Discount

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 7:02PM
By Beckie Wright

New Zealand Trails, a leading provider of guided New Zealand hiking tours through some of the country’s most famous scenic regions, is rewarding loyal customers with a competitive returnee discount. The ongoing promotion is intended to make New Zealand’s natural beauty increasingly accessible and affordable for hiking enthusiasts around the world.

Tourists from anywhere in the world travelling to New Zealand to experience the country’s natural wonder are often compelled to return and see more. The experienced guides at New Zealand Trails understand the spell that the country’s landscapes cast over visitors, which is why they’ve made it easier for past customers to book their return trip, promising a VIP treatment for their loyal clients.

With guided, all-inclusive hiking tours ranging from 5 to 19 days and covering many of New Zealand’s most celebrated walking paths, New Zealand Trails provides the go-to guide team for tourists and New Zealand citizens alike. Their experienced tour guides possess formidable knowledge of the trails they lead, and their small team promises a more intimate experience than larger, numbers-driven travel companies.

New Zealand Trails offers six different guided tour packages, including 5 days in the North Island, 2 weeks in the South, and even a 19-day combo package spanning from Auckland to Milford Sound. Every tour has been crafted to maximise exposure to New Zealand’s most seductive vistas, while carefully calibrating the activity level to ensure hikers never take on more than they can handle.

Even their most comprehensive tour packages leave plenty to see, however, which is why New Zealand Trails’ Returnee Discount will be satisfying to so many.

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