Bird On A Wire – Delicious Bird Bowls Now Available at Bird On A Wire

Wednesday 4 March 2020, 4:48PM
By Beckie Wright

Looking to get out for an amazing nutritious meal this week? Go visit Bird On A Wire and try their incredible Bird Bowls, released just last month in their Takapuna restaurant, soon to be released Bird wide! If you haven’t tried them yet, Bird On A Wire is an unforgettable experience you need to try right away!

Their Bird Bowls come in 6 mouth-watering menu options. The tantalizing Korean Fried Chicken Bowl would catch the eye of any true fried chicken lover. With a side of avocado, lime and slaw, this bowl will sate your fried chicken craving AND make you feel good about it, too.

If what you’re REALLY after is a scrumptious vegan dish, try Bird On A Wire’s Hoisin Glazed Tofu. This bowl features tofu which has the perfect flavour combination of sweet and salty and is delicious to bite into. The Kung Pao Cauli Bowl is another excellent choice to consider because the vibrant salads in the Hoisin Glazed Tofu and Kung Pao Cauli Bowl are the perfect side to make anyone feel happy and healthy.

The incredible flavours of the Pesto Chicken Bowl and the Schnitzel Bowl come down to the succulent chicken cooked to perfection and the tasteful selection of ingredients that bring out the flavour superbly.

The last item on the list is the to-die-for Chipotle Chicken Bowl. This awesome bowl not only looks great but has an insane flavour, too. Topped with lime and a sprinkling of coriander, you know the taste of the Chipotle Chicken Bowl is going to be amazing.  

These delicious bowls are but a small selection of Bird On A Wire’s epic menu options. Bird On A Wire obviously cares about our health and the environment because their delicious chicken is all free-range and their products are always fresh and nutritious.

They provide nothing but good vibes only at their restaurants located all over Auckland, including Ponsonby Central, Takapuna, and Orakei Bay.

Go visit them, dine-in and treat yourself to a delicious meal, or buy some healthy takeaways to enjoy! Explore our menu at