Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid PC Game

Wednesday 1 April 2020, 10:42PM
By Jason Patel

Overview of the Power Rangers

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid it is an action and fantasy game every character in this game has few unique combat fighting with supernatural powers. Players are need to select their teams of three characters and they want to fight one on one fighting.if all opposite players are thrown out then the winner has been declared. Power Rangers is a fighting game it was developed by San-Francisco based game. and released 26 march 2019 online for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and 2nd April 2019.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Gameplay

Mighty power rangers are exercising from the control center after it's masked from the lord Drakkon another coming version of Tommy Oliver who destroys the additional energy rangers and kills Rita repulse in his aspect. The Drakkon accomplishes to ruin Tommy and flows with all the chaos crystal that's present thrilling by Tommy's Green Disarray Energy.

Following this Drakkon and staff start to travel through time and room to eliminate the ranger's power and also to steal the morphers from them. Zordon transmits the information from side to side the morphine grid and then Jens assist sending rangers to protect former power rangers that's presence chased via the Drakkon.

About All characters of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Power Rangers: Battle for the grid with many is a single and multiplayer game characters with the three extra characters which can be download game first and all the characters are,

Lord zed. 
MMPR Red ranger 1/MMPR Red dragon shield.
MMPR pink ranger 1/ ranger slayer.
MMPR green ranger 1/ green V2. 
Drakkon EVO II/Lord Drakkon.
 Zeo gold ranger 1.
Magna defender II.
Time force pink ranger I.
Mastodon sentry. 
White ranger from the mystic force. 
Kat ranger form S.P.D.
Yellow ranger from Super mega force.