Karajoz Coffee Company On Keeping Coffee at Home Fresh

Tuesday 21 April 2020, 6:37PM
By Beckie Wright

Today, Kiwis are finding themselves spending more time inside their homes, and only going out to replenish necessities such as medicine and food. 

The good news is Karajoz Coffee Company provides a variety of coffee blends customers can get conveniently online. Karajoz has also shared some tips on keeping one’s coffee supply fresh at home, so that people may visit supermarkets less frequently, reducing their chances of exposure to the virus. 

One important aspect on coffee to take note of is that the crema—or the caramel brown layer at the top of espresso—is largely CO2 gas. 

After the roasting process, beans will have a high content of CO2, which means roasters are required to rest the beans before dispatching to customers. This buildup of CO2 is the reason that many cafes will allow their beans to sit for a week or two after roasting, so they have a chance to release the gas, and it doesn’t all get extracted into the coffee itself, which can affect taste. 

The gas is important to the domestic consumer in a different way, as it keeps the beans fresh. CO2 works as a preserver for coffee so keeping the beans in a sealed container with no leaks is ideal. The best place for coffee is in a sealed container, somewhere dry, cool, and dark. 

This might mean emptying the bag and decanting the beans into a plastic container or jar is the best course of action. So long as the container is air-tight the gas will be conserved, and the beans will stay fresh longer. 

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