5 Epic Ways to Flavour Your Chicken at Home

Saturday 2 May 2020, 11:58PM
By Beckie Wright

Chicken is a delicious, and a healthy addition to any meal – if you know how to flavour it. If you’re tired of sitting down to dinner and eating bland chicken at home while missing your favourite chicken restaurant, explore these 5 epic flavour tips below and make your next meal absolutely divine.

1. Boiled chicken the fancy way: if boiled chicken makes you think of a plain, bland chicken breast, then herbs, salt, and pepper are your best friend. You can easily enhance your boiled chicken breast by adding salt, pepper, fresh herbs, and chopped garlic and onion. On a lazy night, use chicken broth instead of water for an instant flavour with minimal effort.

2. Baked chicken with a spice rub: Make your chicken mouth-wateringly tantalising with the amazing power of spices! Spice rubs are an excellent way to add flavour to any chicken recipe. There are so many mixtures to try out – choose a humble herb spice rub with smoked paprika, cumin, coriander, garlic, pepper and salt on one night, and a spicy, sweet, and smoky rub for another night of the week! You can even make several spice rub mixtures to coat your chicken with and make every bite a taste sensation.

3. Flavour your chicken with a marinade: One of the best ways to upscale any chicken dish is to use a marinade beforehand. Marinades bring so much flavour to the chicken and make it moist, tender, and outrageously delicious! Try jerk chicken, honey mustard, honey garlic, or Fajita marinades and make cooking a fun and enlightening experience.   

4. Get Saucy with your chicken: If healthy and easy are your favourite words to use for cooking, you’ll love incorporating sauces into your chicken recipes! Glaze your chicken effortlessly with Korean BBQ sauce or buffalo wing sauce for a spicy ride! Or if you prefer, try a rich and tasteful peanut sauce, or add an Italian flair with a pesto sauce. You can even transport yourself to the Caribbean and try a mango salsa!

5. Chicken Risotto: Looking for another way to use chicken in a meal? A creamy, rich chicken risotto is just the soul-food for you! Delicious, and packed with filling goodness, risottos are an all-year-round favourite. So, add a chicken risotto or a chicken and mushroom risotto to your dinner menu this week and prepare for an indulgent experience.

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