Fuel Me Sports Nutrition For Recreational Runners

Wednesday 27 May 2020, 6:06PM
By Beckie Wright

The advent of COVID-19 has drastically changed the way Diane from Fuel Me administers her business. As she says, “We are trading essentially as normal, working from home in isolation.  However with all events cancelled, this has affected sales more than anything. Sporting events and club sport has been a big driver for my business up until COVID-19”.  

As Diane understands, these events will not be happening again for months, with some talking about cancelling until 2022, so she won’t be able to rely on events to drive need.  This means her focus is now on supplying sport nutrition to the average recreational, every day runner, providing gels, chews, hydration, energy bars, electrolytes, balance protein and recovery protein. Also Injinji toe socks, compression socks and running belts.  

Diane has also discounted her hydration packs to clear, and is also currently promoting some Maurten products, which are also on special and has new stock of balance protein powders to sell. As a result of needing to limit costs etc to make ends meet, she is currently starting to limit brands, and concentrating on the most popular. She is positive that things will slowly begin to change as we all try and work a way through this. 

Finally, also on a positive note, Diane is going to be contacting local sporting clubs over the next month or so, reaching out to other trail running groups to encourage more people to sign up to the Fuel Me database. She is finding that general mail-outs seem to be working well, as more runners and sports people are keen to get back into training, and welcome the excellent prices and range of sports nutrition on offer at Fuel Me, so for more information on sportswear, recovery drinks and sports supplements NZ please go to .