IMNZ's Elevate & Team Leader Essentials Courses Soon to Be an Online Option

Wednesday 27 May 2020, 6:29PM
By Beckie Wright

Good things take time, and offering well-established, well-loved courses like IMNZ’s Elevate and Team Leadership Essential in an online platform are no exception to the rule. The need to offer both public workshops, as well as online options was reinforced during the COVID-19 crisis. But, it’s one thing to film a training session and throw it online with a workbook and another thing altogether to provide a rich learning experience that rivals in-person training. 

Before COVID-19 hit, IMNZ started the journey of turning these courses into interactive online sessions, with a facilitator, coupled with pre-learning to provide context and activities to cement ideas. 

The benefits include minimal face to face contact, which is great during the current COVID-19 climate. There are also shorter periods of learning, and you don’t have to be out of the office for the entire day. The Elevate and Team Leader Essentials course provides an essential toolkit for emerging and new leaders, and consists of three highly interactive 1.5-day modules: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business Performance. 

Each module is made up of three key topics and gives a detailed understanding of how to lead and drive business in today’s complex environments, and you’ll come away with the practical tools to create strong connections, drive performance and lead teams and people with confidence and conviction. 

The Elevate and Team Leader Essential courses have many very happy former adherents, including Christine McGinty. In addition to the skills learnt on the course, Christine regards the training material she received as a student of IMNZ as invaluable. “It’s fabulous,” she says. “I actually refer back to it whenever I’ve got any problems or issues or if I can’t think of what it is I need to do. Having all that material there that I can go through is hugely helpful.”  

Similarly, Swee Ham Lin from Davis Funerals who said he found the relaxed atmosphere and well-structured format of the course helpful as he learnt new skills and gained valuable feedback. He says the facilitator’s knowledge and experience helped him to see that everyone makes mistakes but with the techniques and methods learnt on the course he could feel confident to constructively manage those mistakes and grow from them. “I thought the format was fantastic,” he says. 

Another positive to finish with, IMNZ will soon have the option to do the course, either in a face-to-face or online so for more information on short courses NZ, management programmes and leadership courses NZ please go to