Health & Sports Swim Club Swimming Lessons Now Re-opening

Monday 29 June 2020, 2:04PM
By Beckie Wright

Parents looking to re-enrol children in swimming lessons post-lockdown will be happy to know that Health & Sports Swim Club is offering swimming lessons in Kingsland, Auckland.  

Operated by Health & Sports Fitness Club, these lessons have re-started now that the heaviest restrictions on pools have lifted. Lessons are aimed at children of all ages and abilities, with a strong focus on water safety. The swim school also offers lessons for adults, but those for students are primarily structured around building confidence.  

Thanks to the pools heated temperature of 29.5 degrees, the Health & Sports Swim School is popular even through winter. A 25m length also gives the pool varying depths to help students build ability in shallow and deep water. 

For adults, Health & Sports Swim Club has several instructors who can teach both older beginners and experienced swimmers. These lessons can be altered to fit any goals, such as fitness, recreation, or even rehabilitation. Solo lessons are available, but there are also group classes and squads.  

Other Swim School offers include the weekly family fun-day, which is on every Saturday between 5:00pm—6:00pm, and on Sunday between 3:30pm—4:30pm, during term times. This is a free opportunity for families to come and try out the facilities. 

Health & Sports Swim Club also periodically runs Water Safety Weekends, to help teach kids about swim safety. The club can teach pool safety, and also lifejacket safety for the ocean, thanks to equipment from Drowning Prevention Auckland. 

Classes run seven days a week, and further timetable details can be found on the Health & Sports Swim Club website. You can see details by following the link here: