IMNZ's Leadership Essentials ELEVATE Programme

Tuesday 30 June 2020, 9:53PM
By Beckie Wright

The ELEVATE Programme is an essential leadership toolkit for building a leadership foundation. Focusing on the key areas that make great managers and leaders successful, the ELEVATE programme provides an essential toolkit for emerging and new leaders. 

Learners will come away with the practical tools to create strong connections, drive performance and lead teams and people with confidence and conviction. 

As IMNZ explain it, this course is for emerging leaders about to start a new role, leaders  

who have responsibility for a team but no formal training, and those who need a refresher in the capabilities of management and leadership. The course will help you  

learn about yourself, your leadership style and how to play to your strengths as well as improve on your weaknesses. You’ll be taught how to effectively build and lead a team, influence others and provide feedback to your direct reports. 

You’ll also learn how to build your resilience, as well as manage difficult people, how to lead change and innovation as well as how to master business planning and setting goals for your department, and you’ll gain insight on how to drive productivity and growth in yourself and others. 

By undertaking the Leadership Essentials ELEVATE course, you’ll gain the leadership skills needed to drive high performance in your team, set departmental goals and manage your team more effectively, and many businesses have increased the speed in achieving the desired future direction of the organisation by putting their employees through the ELEVATE course. 

IMNZ’s public workshops consist of three, one and a half day sessions spread across three months, and each session covers one of the following topics: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business Performance. In-person training is a great option for people who are looking to step into a focused classroom environment.  

Online training is a great alternative when face-to-face learning isn’t ideal or for situations when learning from your home or work is more convenient. The online version of the course was purpose built using learning and development best practice, to provide a dynamic, interactive, and engaging learning experience.  

This virtual training provides a mix of videos, group discussions, facilitated webinar sessions and activities based on real world scenarios to re-enforce what has been taught. This training format consists of the same learning modules but is broken down into a 12-week online course, and each week there is a one hour facilitated webinar, accompanied by two hours of online activities.  

The shorter, more regular sessions mean that learners don’t need to take full days out of the office in order to do this training, like they would with the in-person training. This course is coming soon, so for more information on project management courses, short courses Auckland and leadership courses Auckland please go to .