Detailed Design Process Leads to Quality Results

Tuesday 21 July 2020, 9:09AM
By Sarah Glover

Turning an idea into a viable product is quite the process for any company. The steps between a plan and a prototype are myriad and varied. An experienced engineering and manufacturing partner can make it a positive journey from start to finish, and ensure that the end result is a cost-effective component or product that fulfils the vision. 

Metco Engineering’s design process helps inventors and entrepreneurs to get quality results. The major steps are these:

  • Meet: This involves the Metco team meeting with the client either in person or via video conferencing to get on the same page.
  • Imagine: The client tells the team what they imagine their product or component being and doing—what they want it to achieve, what they would like it to look like, and how it might be packaged.
  • Design: This is the nitty-gritty, collaborative design stage. It might include several different options as the expertise of both engineers and clients combine to address any manufacturing or functional challenges.
  • Sign off best solution: This happens when all requirements have been met.
  • Create a prototype: An exciting step! Metco creates the first physical example of the product to ensure that it works well.
  • Test and evaluate: This crucial part of the process ensures that the product is perfect before mass production.
  • Manufacture: The specialist equipment at Metco begins to churn out the product under the careful supervision of expert staff.
  • Deliver: Assembly, packaging, and transport is managed in-house, so clients can take advantage of Metco’s capabilities and connections.

Taking a product from vision to something fully designed, manufactured, and delivered into the hands of customers is not an easy thing to do. With an engineering partner like Metco, it becomes manageable. Their team has aided in the development, manufacture, and distribution of many new and innovative products and components.

Talk to the Metco Engineering engineering team or request a free quote to find out how you could make your idea into reality.