Historic Bungalow renovation in Epsom

Friday 25 September 2020, 1:24PM
By Superior Renovations


Nola and Shenton bought this beautiful historic Bungalow in Epsom for their young family. It had all its original timber floors, trims, casement windows and paneled ceilings but it lacked modern conveniences of today.

As a young family household, the kitchen was one of the biggest problems as was not easy to maintain. Kevin understood their issues and they came up with a plan to modernise parts of the bungalow that could make their life easier in the future.

Nola wanted to preserve the historic integrity of the house and only renovate rooms that could add some comfort for their family.

Work carried out was as follows:
[✅] Restoration of Timber floors and trimmings
[✅] Restoration of panel ceilings
[✅] Full painting of interiors
[✅] Full kitchen and Bathroom renovation
[✅] Re-carpeting of bedroom floors

Check out the full case study with 'before and after' photos of the house:

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