Bathroom renovation photos from Top 10 renovated homes

Tuesday 29 September 2020, 5:44PM
By Superior Renovations


Superior Renovations has renovated over 400 bathrooms in Auckland in the last 3 years. Their research shows that bathroom and kitchen renovations are 2 of the most popular types of renovations in Auckland. 

Reasons for their popularity is adding value, comfort and improving aesthetics for a home. Bathroom renovations are also one of the most complex renovations as they involve a small space with the most high number of diverse contractors. 

This can however be made easy with help of a renovation company that manages the entire renovation instead of managing the process on your own. They do however always get questions on what the bathroom would look like once it is completed. They have a designer on board but for inspiration they have put together an article on bathroom renovation photos of their top 10 projects. 

You can view their article here:

Bathroom renovation photos of our Top 10 renovated homes of Auckland or

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