Little Maintenance Required for uPVC Windows

Wednesday 7 October 2020, 9:27AM
By Sarah Glover

PRESS RELEASE - September 2020

uPVC is a hardy, durable, and low-maintenance joinery material. Distributed and installed in the Auckland region by Kiwi-owned company Eco Auckland, it can help to reduce the significant load of upkeep for residential and commercial property owners.

Eco Auckland’s product range, which can be fitted or retrofitted and includes double-glazed glass for better insulation, requires only regular washing with soapy water. Wooden window frames, common in older homes and buildings, are prone to warping, rot, flaking paint, and other issues. Even aluminium joinery can degrade and become misshapen. Frequent maintenance is required to keep these joinery products looking good and working well. uPVC can withstand 40 years or more in New Zealand’s harsh UV conditions and does not require repainting. It is not affected by moisture or changes in temperature. This makes life a lot easier for anyone responsible for the upkeep of a home or other building.

Other benefits of uPVC include energy efficiency due to the natural insulative properties of the material and security thanks to the strength and multi-point locking mechanisms featured in all the Eco Auckland products. Secure, eco-friendly, durable, and low-maintenance: uPVC is a fantastic choice for all windows and doors.

If you would like to fit or retrofit a home or building in the Auckland region with uPVC products, get in touch with the Eco Auckland team. You can call them on 021 277 0563 or 09 973 0610, or email at